The Bear & The Bee
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the bees.

the bees.


*We transplanted our farm family from Northern California to North Carolina, where we are currently searching for our forever farm. We hope to be growing again in 2019. Stay tuned!*


our farm is made possible by two humans and few thousand honeybees.

the bear & the bee is home to two colonies of honeybees.  they work alongside us in the fields - pollinating our crops and making it possible for us to grow food for humans.  without them, our farm stand would be practically empty.

if all goes well, the bees share their honey with us at the end of the season.  we keep a close watch on their food supply as summer progresses and, if they have enough food stored to get them through the winter with extra to spare, then we have the honor of sharing in their sweet wealth.  the honey they produce is created from a diversity of flowers - native foothill blooms, as well as our flowering fruits and vegetables.

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