The Bear & The Bee
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the farmers.

the farmers.


*We transplanted our farm family from Northern California to North Carolina, where we are currently searching for our forever farm. We hope to be growing again in 2019. Stay tuned!*


Once upon a time in a field of veggies...

the bear & the bee is a two-person farm, owned and operated by erica gassmann and will nelson, two young farmers doing their best to have a positive impact on the world.  the two met as farm interns in 2013 and have been farming side-by-side ever since.

will began his farming career during college at san francisco state university, where he earned his degree in environmental studies through the lens of sustainability and food justice.  after graduating, he decided to leave the city to pursue his interest in growing food.  he attended green string institute in petaluma, california, where he met erica and the partnership was born.

erica's farming bug didn't bite until later in life.  after trying her hand at many different career paths, she realized a normal 9-5 just wasn't for her.  she started volunteering on farms across the country in 2011 and worked her way up the farm ladder.  she fatefully ended up alongside will and the rest is history.

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