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the fields.

the fields.


*We transplanted our farm family from Northern California to North Carolina, where we are currently searching for our forever farm. We hope to be growing again in 2019. Stay tuned!*


Our fields are a delicate balance of nature, nurture, and some gentle nudging.

before our soil feeds us, we have to feed it.  using naturally sourced fertilizers, such as compost and manure, as well as mineral-rich rock dust and nutrient-heavy fish emulsion, we provide our soil with a well-balanced diet, so it will produce well-balanced vegetables.  after all, vegetables are only as good as the soil they grew in. 

Conservation is key.

we do our best to conserve our most precious natural resource (water!) as best we can.  utilizing drip irrigation and plastic mulch, little water is lost to evaporation and is better retained during our dry season.

our crops aren't just for eating.

after a season of demanding veggie production, our fields are hungry for nutrients.  seeding cover crops, such as buckwheat, clover, oats, peas, rye, and vetch, provides our soil with "green manure".  these crops bring nutrients to the surface through their elaborate root systems.  they provide protection from erosion and aide moisture retention.  they replenish our fields and prepare them for the next season's crops.

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